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Our Mission

Mission Statement

Creating Freedom & Self Efficacy Through Safe, Collaborative, and Empowering Services

RAI's Philosophy

Since 2000, Rainbow Access Initiative (RAI) has worked to understand the deep disparities in care afforded to LGBTQQIP2SA+ folx, along with the devastating rates of substance use, suicide and non-suicidal self-injury, and domestic abuse the community endures. It is our core belief at RAI that comprehensive, accessible, and culturally appropriate mental and physical health care are provided to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, nonbinary, and queer (LGBTQQIP2SA+) people, families, and communities of the Capital Region.


RAI is committed to the dissolution of barriers between the established health care delivery system and the disenfranchised community of sexual minorities. RAI is dedicated to achieving this mission through the establishment of direct provision of social and clinical services for LGBTQQIP2SA+ people based on their empowerment as consumers, and the continuing education, advocacy, and collaboration with mainstream providers, organizations, and agencies serving LGBTQQIP2SA+ communities. These populations include, but are not limited to, LGBTQQIP2SA+ people living with mental health challenges and addictions, LGBTQQIP2SA+ people of color, LGBTQQIP2SA+ people with disabilities, and LGBTQQIP2SA+ parents.


At RAI, we provide integrated treatment that addresses substance use and mental health needs and coordinate primary health care services by referral. We provide a full continuum of care and services which include individual, group, and family services. RAI employs an array of skilled clinicians to provide services. This diverse team of professionals helps guide programming and the development of services for the individuals that choose RAI. Our employees are the soul of the agency and as such, are treated with the same level of dignity and respect as our clients. RAI employees are role models for one another and all individuals receiving services and support from the agency. RAI employees are individuals of integrity and have a great deal of pride in the work that they do and provide the highest standards of informed care and are committed to promoting long lasting systemic change. The hard work and dedication of RAI employees is a proven pride and pillar for this community. We take great pride in the work that we do with our clients and the community at large.


RAI works diligently to incorporate decolonized, anti-capitalist, trauma-informed, restorative justice focused, strength-based models of care which recognize each clients’ unique needs and the impact of multiple marginalized identities on their story. This work can inspire a person to realize their self-worth and promotes a culture of healing, no matter what the journey may look like. We are dedicated to implementing individualized evidence-based practices that acknowledge the clients’ readiness for change and what is important to them. We welcome and encourage the collaboration with family members and other community providers to ensure the most effective treatment experience for each client and believe in community healing as a cornerstone for individual growth.

Guiding Principles

All people should have the freedom and resources to determine who they are and have self-efficacy

Safety, liberation, and empowerment are the cornerstone of clinical practice

Community is imperative to healing

Power is to be shared and held by the people

Love, healing, and transformative justice are the soul of the agency

Dismantling structures that harm clients is a non-negotiable part of staff’s work

Staff are accountable, honest, responsible, and transparent in their use of power

Decolonization and anti-imperialism drive the liberation of marginalized people

Provision of affirming and comprehensive care is the forefront of the mission

Intentionalism and self-awareness are critical to good therapy

Collaboration and feedback promote growth

Empowerment of LBGTQQIP2SA+ consumers and advocates is a priority

Continued growth and learning is imperative for quality service provision

Education and training of other providers is foundational to improve LGBTQQIP2SA+ care state wide

Development of supportive programs that are inclusive of all LBGTQQIP2SA+ folx is key to safety in the community

Advocacy and campaigning for the rights of LBGTQQIP2SA+people of color, people with disabilities, rural people, and parents is the responsibility of the majority

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